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Work Injuries

From the time that we're toddlers, and well into our adult years; people will experience different forms of trauma. Physically speaking, trauma simply means an event that was harmful to the individual. Micro-trauma refers to the tiny injuries we sustain and sometimes ignore. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for example, arises after years of ergonomically poor usage of a computer mouse. Micro-tears within the Carpal Tunnel cause adhesions to form, these adhesions are much like a scab, another way for your body to heal. If the healing is not monitored properly, these adhesions can grow irregularly and cause pain and radicular symptoms in the wrist.

Auto Injuries

A whiplash injury in an auto-accident is certainly a macro-trauma. It is traumatic psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Stress hormones further increase inflammation in the body that can exacerbate these issues. Through Chiropractic management, inflammation is decreased thus minimizing the harmful affects of constant inflammation. When the body can continue to be in motion while healing from an injury, optimal healing function is acheived.

Sports Injuries

Most of us growing up have at least played sports in school or with friends and family at the park. Sports are a fantastic way to stay healthy, in shape, and have a good time. Sports injuries can be very dangerous, but many times they are not so severe that one might need drugs or surgery. Through Chiropractic Care, many famous athletes have gone on to succeed and excel in their respective sport. From Jerry Rice and Evander Holyfield, to every team in the NFL today with their own Chiropractor. Here at MCSC our Sports Care expertise is unique. Our team specializes in the treatment and management of sports related injuries through many modalities and techniques utilized by today's top athletes.

Injuries of the Human Frame

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